Entrepreneurship: Tech Startups


Marco Lamas

Course Presentation

This postgraduate course focuses on helping students to better understand the environment and challenges of the entrepreneurial process through a series of workshops. In the second phase, after having identified the problem, they will set out to validate the idea and go through all the relevant phases, which include management and technology curricular units, so that they can complete their business model and be prepared to enter the market.

Learning is based on diversified active methodologies and is an asset for stimulating and involving students in the activities to be developed throughout the course. Through this syllabus, participants will develop skills and use instruments and tools that are essential for any entrepreneur or intrapreneur. Students will also have access to mentoring throughout the course, one-to-one talks with startup founders, various events related to the course theme, and access to private investors and venture capital.


Participation in this course will enable students to:

  • Develop their entrepreneurial mindset;
  • Develop skills in entrepreneurship, management, planning and creativity and innovation;
  • Build their project’s business model;
  • Promote and implement creativity and innovation on an individual and/or group level;
  • Increase your networking;
  • Understand risk management;
  • Know programming languages;
  • Identify success metrics;
  • Develop presentation skills for Pitch;
  • Create and implement successful entrepreneurship projects.

Target audience

The main target audience for this postgraduate course are:

  • Entrepreneurs, potential entrepreneurs, professionals who collaborate with private and public organizations related to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. 
  • Anyone with an interest in entrepreneurship and startups.

Professional Opportunities

  • Creation of own business;
  • Creativity and innovation management;
  • Management of entrepreneurship promotion programs.


Course Contact hours ECTS Name
Risk Management 4   Sérgio Resende (Risk Management Projects)
Creativity 4   Ricardo Carvalho (Creative Consultant)
AI, Innovation and startups 8   André Costa (ISLA Gaia)
Jorge Duque (ISLA Gaia)
From idea to startup 4   Diego Martínez Torres (Agência Nacional de Inovação)
Intellectual property and trademark registration 4   Ana Patrícia Cardoso (AFIG Sociedade de Advogados)
Impromptu yourself 4   Sérgio Águia (Invicta Toastmasters Club)
Design Thinking 8   Mónica Santos (ISLA Gaia)
Networking 4   Pedro Caramez (LinkedIn Training & Consulting)
Entrepreneurial Mindset 4   Paul Coyle (Entrepreneurial Mindset Network)
Seminars/Talks (all of the above) 44 5  
Idea Validation 12 1 Slava Baranovskiy (Eligent Club)
Business Models 16 1 Carlos Miguel Oliveira (ISLA Gaia)
Marco Lamas (ISLA Gaia)
Marketing and Marketing digital 12 1 Pedro Fonseca (Kaksi Media)
Jorge Pacheco (Bow Digital)
Minimum Valuable Product (MVP) 16 1 Sharine Fernandez (SMARTI AI)
Coding 24 2 Luís Osório (ISLA Gaia)
People Management in Startups 16 1 João Franqueira (Coverflex)
Financial viability 16 1 José Neto (ISLA Gaia)
Joaquim Silva (ISLA Gaia)
Startups and law 8 1 Ana Patrícia Cardoso (AFIG Sociedade de Advogados)
Funding 12 1 José Neto (ISLA Gaia)
Sérgio Rodrigues (Business Angel)
Business Pitch 12 1 Sérgio Águia (Invicta Toastmasters Club)
Total 188 16  

In addition to the workshops and classes, this postgraduate course also includes a mentoring program throughout the course with monthly sessions.



The course also includes bi-monthly talks with company founders.

Founder Buddy – Booking 1:1 (founder to founder):


There will also be various networking events and initiatives organized by ISLA Gaia or its partners:

  • GDG Aveiro
  • GDG Braga
  • Invicta Toastmasters
  • Eligent Club
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset Network


Tuesdays and Thursdays, after work (7 p.m. to 11 p.m.)


188 hours of face-to-face training, with some distance learning sessions (e-learning)

Start date

February 2024 (subject to a minimum number of students)


Teaching model




This course works with a network of partnerships to guarantee the greatest number of benefits for students, namely with:

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